Saturday, April 18, 2015

8-game losing streak

When the Giants are doing badly, I look backward. 

I actually remember the last 8-game loss streak  back in 2007.

The Giants went from 30-34 to 30-42; they finally won a game on national TV against the Yanks in 13 on a Saturday.

Eight years later, the following Yankees are still active -- Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano, and Alex Rodriguez. None of the Giants are still in the bigs, They have signed Kevin Correia to a minor league deal; Frandsen was cut by Nats and Nate Schierholz is playing for the Hiroshima Carp.

Anyhow, the Giants went 4 years between 2005 and 2008 with losing records, including 71-91 in 2007.

According to Baseball Reference, 22-year-old Matt Cain had the highest WAR  with 4.6, followed by 42-year-old Barry Bonds at 3.4

Thursday, April 16, 2015

If it can go wrong, it will

Man, maybe I should have been more concerned when the Giants lost all those games in March.

They are in one of the worst slumps ever -- although it's not THAT horrible, because they are in every game (except for the 10-2 buttkick last Saturday). An ugly seven-game losing streak.

Let's see -- there was some clutch hitting by Joe Panik, Brandon Crwaford and Matt Duffy tonight.

To me, the worst  was the bases loaded at bat that Aoki had in the 9th where he kept swinging at sliders that were miles away from being strikes. But that's just me. Belt has been worthless.

Hurry back, Hunter!


Get well soon, Hunter!

 If you don't score, you ain't gonna win

With a 3-7 record, this should be obvious. Lincecum gave up a 3-run homer before the Giants even got to bat tonight.

The Giants front office should have no doubt that team is woefully short in the offensive department, thanks to Hunter Pence's broken arm and the presence of bench players like Gregor Blanco in the starting lineup. 

The Giants have scored the following number of runs in the 6-game losing streak -- 0, 2, 4, 0, 1, 2.

Matt Duffy hit his first MLB homer tonight. That was about it for the Orange and Black offense. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Arte Moreno = Crybaby

Angels owner Arte Moreno has been whining to the LA press about how doggone unfair it is that he can't just kick Josh Hamilton off the team for a drug relapse. Under the collective bargaining agreement, if a player reports that he's abused drugs, that precludes being a violation.

Moreno decided when he signed Hamilton that he'd include language that superseded the CBA -- an incredibly illegal action. An arbitrator has sided the MLBPA, meaning the Moreno's going to have to eat all $75 mil plus that he still owes Josh.

Hey, Arte -- people come to Anaheim to see you. They come to see the players. And what player is going to want to sign with Angels now that you've shown your open contempt for a player WHO YOU SIGNED and for the MLBPA.

the Angels are 0-6 this year and I would venture that some of that is due to the crappy morale and atmosphere that Moreno has created. I hope they lose every damn game they play except for the ones against the Dodgers.

By the way, Arte-- would you please stop embarrassing yourself by calling the team the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? What a joke you are

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Alan Fowlkes?

You can count yourself a real Giants fan if you know that Alan Fowlkes was even a Giant.

It turns out that Chris Heston's fine work in Arizona on Wednesday - 6 innings, 2 ER -- has earned him the starting pitcher slot tomorrow. Chris Haft's sotry from says that Heston is the first rookie to start a home opener in 33 years. Alan Fowlkes was the last one.

Alan made 15 starts for the 1982 Giants and had a 4-2 record and a 5.19 ERA and 21 starts.  He never pitched for the big club again, was released in 1985 and pitched two games for the Angels.

That 1982 club was the one that was most famous for keeping the Dodgers out of the postseason, thanks to a 3-run Joe Morgan homer on the last day of the season. the Giants finished at 79-83.

Alan won his first game in that home opener, a 3-2 vic over Montefusco and the Padres. The key blow was a two-run Reggie Smith double in the 3rd.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Cy guy is back

Giants 1, Padres 0 in 12

I'm sure that Padre fans must think that however far in they brought the fences at Petco, they didn't bring them in enough.

12 innings of shutout ball. Looks like the Dads are having a tough time dealing with the hype.

Anyhow, here's the story --

  Pinch-hitter Justin Maxwell's RBI single with two outs in the 12th inning lifted the Giants to a 1-0 victory over the Padres on Thursday at Petco Park.
With one out in the inning, Brandon Crawford reached base and advanced to second when shortstop Clint Barmes was charged with an error on a ball hit to shallow left field. That set the stage for Maxwell's heroics, a hard-hit single to center field off Padres reliever Nick Vincent. More >
San Francisco pitcher Tim Hudson had a funky line, but it worked for him. He walked five in 6 1/3 innings, allowing five hits. The Giants turned three of their four double plays behind him.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


A big big vic tonight for the Good Guys. The first inning went atrociously as the Giants loaded the bases with one out, only to have McGehee and Maxwell leave them that way. 

Then Chris Heston hit the first batter, then threw the ball into right field. The next batter hit a grounder that scored the first run.

It got much better after that - a 2-run rally in the second on back-to-back doubles by Aoki and Duffy,plus Heston retiring 10 straight.

My guess is that Heston will pitch the home opener on Monday

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Cubs owners = losers

This is why the Cubs are a joke. Always have been and apparently always will be.

David Schoenfeld of ESPN makes the very sensible poinr that the Cubs have decided not to field their best team now just so they can retain control of Kris Bryant in 2021. 

How are you supposed to feel if you're a Cubs fan?

It's a  contemptuous attitude towards fans, treating as if they're a bunch of suckers. I hope the Cubs lose every game unless theyre playing the dodgers. Here's the end of the column -

This is a triumph of numbers and reason. Mostly, that's a good thing. It's made baseball teams better and front offices smarter. But what about the entire picture? There's no way to measure things like clubhouse morale or spirit. But people -- and players -- do care about the environment they're asked to work and succeed in. Imagine your workplace in which management has something that will help everyone succeed better but won't implement it because it is worried about money six years down the road. How would that go over?
As my colleague, Christina Kahrl, put it, you're banking on the future while borrowing from the present. This ensures the Cubs will keep Bryant for 2021, and he should be enormously valuable for the Cubs that year; but maybe it makes it less likely he's with the Cubs in 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond.
It's interesting from another standpoint. Front offices like the Cubs', Dodgers' or Oakland A's will sweat over not just the 25th man on the roster as much as the starting nine but the 37th and 38th man. They work countless hours trying to build the best team possible, to find every minute advantage possible; and yet, the Cubs have decided to delay their best product on the field, at least for a few weeks.
At their fabulous new spring training complex in Mesa, Ariona, the Cubs were selling $63 T-shirts.
But they've sold out their fans on this one. Kris Bryant should start the season in the majors, 2021 be damned.

Dodgers gag in the clutch

A wonderful game at Chavez Latrine, where the dodger pen imploded and gave up 6 runs in the last 3 innings.

That eased the sting of a horrific start by Vogelsong in Phoenix. You give up two 3-run bombs -- you're not going to win.

Back to the dodgers -- the one question mark has been the pen. Listening to the game as I was stuck in a terrible traffic jam, you could feel the palpable disgust by annnouncers Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday. Charlie may have been drunk -- he kept referring to yesterday afternoon's game as "last night." What a Dumas. 

Brandon Belt banged himself up in Phoenix and had to be taken out of the game. So that's Cain, Belt and Ishikawa who can't play now.